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Organizational Development

Organizational DevelopmentIf you are….

  • Wondering about your employees readiness to assume more responsibility or a larger leadership role
  • Concerned about talent retention or your succession plan
  • Considering how you will handle disruptive organizational change
  • Evaluating who may be candidates for executive coaching to grow from “good to great” or to better maximize their leadership skills

Organizational DevelopmentGolden Career Strategies offers the following services to help organizations deliver business results through Integrated Organizational and Organizational Development:

Assessments – In addition to using assessments as an effective selection tool, we use them as a foundation for employee development or “Readiness” for a job, as a part of coaching, and as a part of succession planning.  Our instruments and processes are valid, reliable, and state of the art. Click here to learn more.

Executive Coaching – We provide one-on-one  coaching in concert with personal development activities that assist individuals in maximizing their potential at work.  All of our coaches are trained, experienced, and extremely qualified to deliver this service

Leadership Development – We provide a range of developmental experiences for individuals and groups, including one-on-one work, experiential classroom activities, on the job training, and temporary assignments.  All activities are linked to the business goals of the individual and the organization. 

 Talent Retention / Job Sculpting – Finding and hiring top talent are always tough tasks; retaining star performers is even tougher.  We can assist you in the development of systems and practices that enhance retention.  Also, job sculpting is a way of merging job responsibilities with activities that make people more committed and that tap into their deeply embedded interests.

Succession Planning – Knowing which people are ready to assume greater responsibility and having a plan to provide them that opportunity, requires a thoughtful and planful approach. We can assist you in establishing a way to ensure that you have bench strength and the appropriate talent ready to deploy when needed. Click here to learn more.

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