Golden Career Strategies

The Entrepreneur’s Path

The Entrepreneur's PathWelcome to The Entrepreneurs’ Path, a program designed to assist you in creating your own Entrepreneurial Path to success.

Golden Career Strategies in collaboration with MindFit Coaching has designed this course to help you identify, understand and communicate a clear message to your target markets and strategically formulate and execute your business plan. Through our course modules and individualized coaching, we will introduce you to the tools, best practices, processes and strategies that will allow you to transition into the world of being a successful entrepreneur and business owner.

The Entrepreneurs’ Path uses assessments designed to help you identify your passion, the underlying reasons behind “why” you believe you want to become an entrepreneur, and your core values.

During this program, we will assist you in developing the following:

  • Better understanding of what it means to become an Entrepreneur
  • How to perform the necessary market research and networking to validate your new business concept
  • A functional business plan
  • Opportunities to connect with resources for capitalization and startup funding
  • A Strategic Plan that can be Implemented and Executed in an Organized manner

This highly intensive program will introduce you to the necessary steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Our goal is to help you organize what can often seem like a very tenuous process in order to ensure that you have a successful journey not only during the infancy stages of your business but as it grows and matures well into the future.

This program is a self-directed journey and you are in the driver’s seat. The Entrepreneurs’ Path will be your map to success. Included in this program are exercises and worksheets to help you prepare mission statements, business plans, financials and much more. You will also find that our executive coaches are very supportive in this process and truly have your best interest in mind.  We offer a structured, comprehensive and individualized coaching experience that will give you the guidance and support you need as you move forward on your path.